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We be celebrating 18 years of SINGAHELL DEATH SQUADS since the establishment in 2002 , and as for that we will be releasing a limited run merchandise for the diehard , it’s took us months to come out with this final design and product ,below attach flyers we have ONE T-shirt and FOUR woven patch .

As for now we be doing limited bundle deals for  30 diehard ( T-shirt & Four Woven patch ) for the price of $50sgd Singapore 🇸🇬 or 38€ 🌍 

Sizes : 
Small medium large xl 2xl 3xl 

For seperate  purchase 

T-shirt :
-$18sgd 🇸🇬 

-18€ 🌍 

Woven patch 
-$10sgd 🇸🇬 

-10€ 🌍 

We accept :
✅Paynow / PayLah! ( 97929305-ravage )

✅PayPal : 

⚡️Last day for booking/payment 10september2020



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