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Ladies and gentlemen,

We glad to announce new merchandise drop for July “PURPLE HAZE” T-Shirt black ,ash grey & white / Hoodie & Zipper Hoodie black & grey and at the same time we would like to take this opportunity to address the matter regarding our brothers at Ravage Records Store the aftermath of the global pandemic effected everyone which is also to our brothers ,we encourage everyone to show your support with purchase and the sales proceeds will help them with rent and other miscellaneous for months to come ,we welcome everyone to support !!!

"To keep RAVAGE RECORDS alive, We humbly would love to have the support from all over the world.Do keep on supporting us and buy our local merchandise."

"I help you.You help me. Great rewards come to those who wait."

To my fellow singaporeans, first all of all, We thank you all for supporting the shop all these while, we would like to seek your continuous support to keep RAVAGE RECORDS alive in the long future.

Anyone who wish to make purchase or check out the store, feel free to come here to lepak and chit chat.

S.B.M.S 0241 - Purple Haze

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