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Ladies & Gentlemen,

As we reach the milestone of 23 years, we are launching these our latest design to celebrate our milestone and to show appreciation to our beloved customers who have been with us all these years.

We would like to introduce our new merchandise which firstly consist of our label logo. Secondly a $2 note to show recognition of how far we have come and that we started small. Thirdly the ‘backstabber’ print to acknowledge that we have encountered backstabbers through our journey but we overcome the problems they try to cause us and continue doing what we are most passionate about.

Each merchandise comes with it’s own uniqueness,all hand printed by us and we input rustic vibe in it .

Once again, we thank you for your kind support for all these years. Thank you for bringing us this far and we look forward to bringing good quality metal merchandise to you for many years to come.

Sizes and price as follow ⬇️

👉🏻Medium / Large / Xl / 2xl /3xl

👉🏻$23 sgd each exclude postage (local)


👉🏻23€ exclude postage (worldwide)

Grab it don’t lose it full up your bag 💼

Contact us now now

*Shipment drop expected end month October 2021


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