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Ladies and gentlemen, we have urgent news to address, we are currently raising funds Incase this building comes to its end.Rumours had it said in matter of time this building will be bought over by private holders.

As many knows that shifting and looking for another place to rent isn’t going to be cheap and easy but still we would want to keep the place going for the future generations. To preserve the shop and the metal scene we hope to get full support from everyone, new and old customers, family, friends.

We want to raise funds but we are not asking for free charity or donations. All we ask for is just to keep supporting the new merchandise in the coming weeks. Do check out the webstore for the promo and sales going on.

-Firstly ,we would like to present you with the latest of Ravage Records edition, “THE MASCOT” T Shirt. This edition means a lot to us for our journey from 1998 till now hasn’t been easy but we always try our best. This is the logo that represents us and everyone who kindly played a part in our success and we would like to thank all of you.

Our passion is in metal and helping metal to succeed. We know that we are not the best but we always try our best to do the right thing. We sincerely hope for your support. We really hope to keep the metal shop going in singapore and we really hope to give young metalheads a platform, a store that they can discover metal comfortably without judgement . We appreciate anyone who come to our store and we are always non-judgemental and supportive to our fellow metalheads.

For our beloved customers, friends and family who wish to buy, directly inbox us here . Once again thank you very much

RAVAGE INC - The Mascot

€22.00 Regular Price
€16.28Sale Price
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