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Official Release 

MYSTIFIER- The Necromancer(The Goetia)

Ladies & gentlemen,
We are proud to announce official MYSTIFIER - The Necromancer (Goetia) short & long sleeve , after months of working on the deals and artwork we have come to a final design below .

☠️ONLY 50 pieces made 

🖼 Artwork by FAIZAL HASHIM 

📌Preorder till 15 July 2021

Band bio :
Brazilian act MYSTIFIER was formed by lead guitarist and bassist Beelzeebubth, drummer Lucifuge Rofocale, guitarist Behemoth, and vocalist Meugninousouan in Salvador, Bahia in 1989. The band created an aggressive, fast, and malignant sound within the classic black metal style, which makes them veterans of their scene.

Listen :

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MYSTIFIER -The Necromancer (The Goetia)

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