CD has some obvious light scrapes and scratches, but plays through ok. Comes in jewel Case with  all original inserts. 

Abominattion - Rites of the Eternal Hate 

Line Up:
Cipriano Maffei: Drums
Fábio Suliani: Guitar
Daniel Suliani: Guitar
Luciano Zanotto: Bass, vocals
1.	Rites of the Eternal Hate (Intro)	01:09	
2.	Abomination...of Creation	04:36	
3.	Real Glory Revealed	03:25	
4.	Diabolical Redemption	03:00	
5.	Burn on Behalf of God	02:57	
6.	Hated by the Flames	05:00	
7.	The Emptiness of the Flesh	04:45	
8.	Smell of Death	03:43	
Total playing time	28:35

ABOMINATTION-Rites of the eternal hate